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Pirelli would like two stop strategies in 2018


After the test in Abu Dhabi Pirelli’s head of car racing Mario Isola said:

“Considering all the range is one step softer, plus we have the hypersoft, we now have the option to go soft enough to target two stops.

“I believe that three stops are a bit too much, we will try to make the selection of having two stops one of the fastest strategies.


By courtesy of PIRELLI

By courtesy of PIRELLI


Hamilton praises the new pink hypersoft:




The Abu Dhabi tyre test was two intense days of work, during which the teams sampled the 2018 tyres for the first time. 

Each team had 20 sets for the test: 12 sets chosen by Pirelli (with a selection of 2018 tyres plus some 2017 tyres for comparison) and the other eight selected by the teams themselves. In total, 23 different top drivers did some long runs as well, so not in qualifying conditions. The characteristics of the Yas Marina circuit meant the test concentrated on the compounds from White medium to the Pink hypersoft. The whole test and all the drivers gave us very positive feedback. The new Pink hypersoft meets our initial expectations, with times that are about a second per lap faster than the Purple ultrasoft, but this obviously needs to be confirmed on other types of track as well. All the 2018 tyres are a step softer than this year’s equivalents, in line with what the teams asked for, with the Pink hypersoft (just added to the range) so being two steps softer than the 2017 ultrasoft. We now look forward to getting back on track for the first official pre-season test of 2018 at Barcelona from February 26 to March 1”.



Pirelli is on schedule to decide the tyre compounds it will take to the Australian Grand Prix by December 7.




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Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

I think this is one of the most beautiful and coolest cars I have seen in a very long time.

Copyright Daimler. 

All Rights Reserved.

Mercedes-AMG brings Formula 1 technology to the road.



World première of the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE show car:

Mercedes-AMG brings Formula 1 technology to the road.



Showcar Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, two-seater supersports car with the very latest and efficient, fully-fledged Formula 1 hybrid technology, high-performance plug-in hybrid drive system with 1.6 1.6-litre V6 turbocharged petrol engine and four electric motors.



Showcar Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, zweisitziger Supersportwagen-mit modernster und effizientester Formel 1-Hybrid-Technologie, High Performance Plug-in Hybrid Antriebsstrang mit 1,6-Liter-V6-Turbobenzinmotor und vier Elektromotoren
Showcar Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, two-seater supersports car with the very latest and efficient, fully-fledged Formula 1 hybrid technology, high-performance plug-in hybrid drive system with 1.6 1.6-litre V6 turbocharged petrol engine and four electric motors.



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Renault Sport Formula One Team – Test day one

Alan Permane, Sporting Director:
“Nicholas did a good job on his second time in the R.S.17.

Post photo:

Courtesy of Renault Sport Racing Limited

Nicholas Latifi (CDN) Renault Sport F1 Team RS17 Test Driver.
Formula One Testing. Tuesday 1st August 2017. Budapest, Hungary.


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Looks like it can be a dry FP1 and a wet FP2, interesting.

The Red Bull Ring has some characteristics in common with the succession of low-grip circuits that have come immediately before it, with a slippery surface and relatively contained lateral forces. As opposed to Azerbaijan, Canada and Monaco, it’s an entirely permanent venue: a chopped down version of the mythical Osterreichring. This gives the track an old-school feel, and a lot of it is visible from any vantage point; it’s one of the shortest laps of the year. The three softest tyres in Pirelli’s Formula 1 range will be used in Austria: P Zero Yellow soft, P Zero Red supersoft and P Zero Purple ultrasoft. These should be well-suited to the rollercoaster Spielberg layout, providing the right compromise between warm-up, performance and durability.




Tyre Sets available for the 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix

Tyre Sets available for the 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix

Tyre Sets available for the 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix:







Sakhir, April 15, 2017  The fastest-ever lap of the Bahrain International Circuit was set tonight thanks to Valtteri Bottas pole time of 1m28.769s for Mercedes on the supersoft tyre. Conditions remained warm, with track temperatures of 37 degrees centigrade for the evening qualifying session. Bottas was one of three drivers, together with Hamilton and Vettel, to save a set of supersoft tyres by using only one set of soft tyres in Q1.



Today we saw the fastest-ever lap of Bahrain in qualifying, using the supersoft tyre. Depending on track conditions tomorrow, drivers might opt for a one-stop or a two-stop strategy. Theres still enough of a time difference between the soft and the supersoft tyre to make some variations in strategy possible. As the teams seem very closely matched in terms of race pace, this could well make the difference.











Verstappen 1m 32.194s SUPERSOFT NEW
Hamilton 1m 32.304s SUPERSOFT NEW
Vettel 1m 32.750s SUPERSOFT USED










Bottas 1m 28.769s SUPERSOFT NEW
Hamilton 1m 28.792s SUPERSOFT NEW
Vettel 1m 29.247s SUPERSOFT NEW
Ricciardo 1m 29.545s SUPERSOFT NEW
Raikkonen 1m 29.567s SUPERSOFT NEW
Verstappen 1m 29.687s SUPERSOFT NEW
Hulkenberg 1m 29.842s SUPERSOFT NEW
Massa 1m 30.074s SUPERSOFT NEW
Grosjean 1m 30.763s SUPERSOFT NEW
Palmer 1m 31.074s SUPERSOFT NEW









MEDIUM Ocon, Ricciardo, Stroll 12
SOFT Stroll 26
SUPERSOFT Ericsson 26










MEDIUM Hamilton 1m 36.708s
SOFT Hamilton 1m 30.814s
SUPERSOFT Bottas 1m 28.769s
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Autodromo Nazionale Monza will host the first WEC “race” weekend of 2017

In the limelight will be four of the 1000 bhp, hybrid-powered LMP1 race cars from Porsche and Toyota, with both manufacturers launching their 2017 challengers just ahead of The Prologue.


Taking place for the first time at Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Italy on Saturday 01 April and Sunday 02 April, this will be the first opportunity for the fans to see the WEC’s 2017 teams on track all together.  Twenty seven of the full season entries will be present at Italy’s premier circuit, taking part in five sessions of testing over two days, including a night session on Saturday evening.

Provisional Timetable

Saturday 01 April

09:00 – 12:00    Session 1

14:00 – 17:00     Session 2

19:00 – 21:00    Session 3 (night testing)

Sunday 02 April

09:00 – 12:00    Session 4

13:15 – 13:45    Driver Autograph Session

14:00 – 17:00    Session 5


From Monza web page.



FIA WEC Calendar

Post photo from FB.

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Lamborghini Huracán Performante record at the Nürburgring

On 5 October 2016, the Huracán Performante set a new production car lap record of 6:52.01 min on the Nürburgring Nordschleife

On 5 October 2016, the Huracán Performante set a new production car lap record of 6:52.01 min on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with Lamborghini test driver Marco Mapelli. Save the date: March 7th, 8:55:00 AM GMT +1 on http://live.lamborghini

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Pre-season test 1: Barcelona, Spain, February 27- March 2, 2017

Valtteri Bottas set a best time of 1m19.705s on ultrasoft tyres, pole time in 2015 at Barcelona was 1m24.681s.



The first four days of pre-season Formula 1 testing concluded today at the Spanish circuit of Montmelò. A total of 3185 laps were covered, that means 14.826 kms.
From Monday to Wednesday, the drivers tested the new wider slick tyres on 2017 cars for the first time. Today they also tried the wet-weather tyres on an artificially-dampened circuit, using both the full wet and intermediate.

Mario Isola, Pirelli Racing Manager: “We’re satisfied with the results of these four days. From what we can see up to now, the new product is in line with our expectations. For the 2017 season, the sport asked us to develop tyres with less degradation, which allow drivers to push to the maximum. That’s what we’ve seen during these four days of testing so far, and what we’ll continue to see in the second four-day session next week.

During the first session, the lap times have already been lowered considerably. The target was for lap times that were five seconds faster compared to Barcelona in 2015. Yesterday, Valtteri Bottas set a best time of 1m19.705s on ultrasoft tyres. Considering that the pole time in 2015 at Barcelona was 1m24.681s, I would say that this objective has been met.

Today, we also saw the new wet weather tyres on track for the first time on the 2017 cars. The combination of new dimensions and a new tread pattern means that the water expulsion capacity of the Cinturato Blue full wet tyre has gone up from 65 to 85 litres of water per second, per tyre, at 300kph. The Cinturato Green intermediate also has an increase: from 25 to 30 litres of water per second dispersed.

We’ve now collected plenty more data for our engineers to analyse ahead of the next test session that takes place from March 7-10, again in Barcelona.”

Driver Team Compound LapTime
Hamilton Mercedes SOFT 01:21,765
Vettel Ferrari MEDIUM 01:21,878
Massa Williams SOFT 01:22,076
Magnussen Haas SOFT 01:22,894
Ricciardo Red Bull SOFT 01:22,926
Bottas Mercedes SOFT 01:23,169
Perez Force India SOFT 01:23,709
Sainz J Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:24,494
Hulkenberg Renault MEDIUM 01:24,784
Alonso McLaren SOFT 01:24,852
Ericsson Sauber MEDIUM 01:26,841



Driver Team Compound LapTime
Raikkonen Ferrari SOFT 01:20,960
Hamilton Mercedes SUPERSOFT 01:20,983
Verstappen Red Bull SOFT 01:22,200
Magnussen Haas SUPERSOFT 01:22,204
Ocon Force India SUPERSOFT 01:22,509
Kvyat Toro Rosso SOFT 01:22,956
Bottas Mercedes SOFT 01:22,986
Palmer Renault SOFT 01:24,139
Giovinazzi Renault SOFT 01:24,617
Vandoorne McLaren SOFT 01:25,600
Stroll Williams MEDIUM 01:26,040



Driver Team Compound LapTime
Bottas Mercedes ULTRASOFT 01:19,705
Vettel Ferrari SOFT 01:19,952
Ricciardo Red Bull SOFT 01:21,153
Palmer Renault SOFT 01:21,396
Hulkenberg Renault SOFT 01:21,791
Ericsson Sauber SUPERSOFT 01:21,824
Hamilton Mercedes SOFT 01:22,090
Grosjean Haas SUPERSOFT 01:22,118
Stroll Williams SOFT 01:22,351
Alonso McLaren ULTRASOFT 01:22,598
Sainz J Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:23,540
Celis Force India ULTRASOFT 01:23,568
Kvyat Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:23,952


Driver Team Compound LapTime
Raikkonen Ferrari SOFT 01:20,872
Verstappen Red Bull SOFT 01:21,769
Palmer Renault SOFT 01:21,778
Grosjean Haas MEDIUM 01:22,309
Giovinazzi Sauber ULTRASOFT 01:22,401
Perez Force India SUPERSOFT 01:22,534
Vandoorne McLaren ULTRASOFT 01:22,576
Bottas Mercedes SOFT 01:23,443
Hulkenberg Renault SOFT 01:24,974



Driver Team Compound LapTime Test Day
Bottas Mercedes ULTRASOFT 01:19,705 DAY 3
Vettel Ferrari SOFT 01:19,952 DAY 3
Raikkonen Ferrari SOFT 01:20,960 DAY 2
Hamilton Mercedes SUPERSOFT 01:20,983 DAY 2
Ricciardo Red Bull SOFT 01:21,153 DAY 3
Palmer Renault SOFT 01:21,396 DAY 3
Verstappen Red Bull SOFT 01:21,769 DAY 4
Hulkenberg Renault SOFT 01:21,791 DAY 3
Ericsson Sauber SUPERSOFT 01:21,824 DAY 3
Massa Williams SOFT 01:22,076 DAY 1
Grosjean Haas SUPERSOFT 01:22,118 DAY 3
Magnussen Haas SUPERSOFT 01:22,204 DAY 2
Stroll Williams SOFT 01:22,351 DAY 3
Giovinazzi Sauber ULTRASOFT 01:22,401 DAY 4
Ocon Force India SUPERSOFT 01:22,509 DAY 2
Perez Force India SUPERSOFT 01:22,534 DAY 4
Vandoorne McLaren ULTRASOFT 01:22,576 DAY 4
Alonso McLaren ULTRASOFT 01:22,598 DAY 3
Kvyat Toro Rosso SOFT 01:22,956 DAY 2
Sainz J Toro Rosso MEDIUM 01:23,540 DAY 3
Celis Force India ULTRASOFT 01:23,568 DAY 3





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Scuderia Toro Rosso launches STR12

On the eve of the first day of pre-season testing, Scuderia Toro Rosso revealed its 2017 challenger, the STR12. Drivers Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz unveiled the car, featuring a stunning new livery, in the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit pit lane this evening.

Courtesy of Scuderia Toro Rosso 


It’s STR12 o’clock


Franz Tost (Team Principal) “For all Formula 1 fans, 2017 should be a year of excitement and uncertainty, as the sport’s technical regulations have undergone one of the biggest changes we have seen in a couple of decades. In simple terms, the cars are wider, longer, lower, faster, noisier and use bigger tyres, promising more grip, higher cornering speeds and hopefully even closer racing.

Everyone in the team has worked extremely hard to ensure we have a very competitive season. Our chassis is mated to what is possibly the most competitive engine we have had so far in the hybrid era, as we return to Renault power once more.

Daniil Kvyat will be in his fourth year as a Formula 1 driver and Carlos Sainz will now tackle his third season with us. They are a very talented pairing and they have worked very hard over the winter to be ready for the additional physical challenges involved in driving these new and faster cars. The crew that will look after the cars at the track is also very well prepared and generally, throughout the company we have the stability and strength in depth to tackle this season, when the pace of car development will be much faster than over the past couple of years. Finally, we really like the first major livery change of our twelve years on the F1 grid and this new look is reflected in our pit garage, which has also been updated to make life easier while working around these much larger cars.”

James Key (Technical Director) “With driver continuity and a power unit which made a major step forward last year and which should be developing strongly this year, it just leaves the chassis as an unknown quantity. We always set ourselves ambitious targets and this year, we are taking a more long-term view over the 20 races, with a long list of planned in-season developments. I suspect it will be a very busy year with plenty of performance still to be found.” 

Carlos Sainz will be at the wheel tomorrow, Monday 27th February, for the first day of testing, with Daniil Kvyat getting his first taste of the STR12 on Tuesday.

Carlos Sainz of Spain and Scuderia Toro Rosso drives the STR12 in Misano, Italy on February 22, 2017








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R.S.17 Launch

Renault Sport Formula One Team launches the R.S.17 in London.

Courtesy of Renault Sport

Renault Sport Formula One Team today launched its 2017 challenger, the R.S.17, at a showcase event in front of international media and team partners, in London, England.


Highlighting new partners and sponsors including BP, Castrol and MAPFRE, the launch was also the first public revealing of the new Renault Sport brand identity, designed to provide a stronger link between Renault Sport Racing and Renault Sport Cars.

Powered by Renault Sport Racing’s R.E.17 power unit, the R.S.17 has no carry over parts from the R.S.16. The team has worked from a clean sheet of paper to respond to Formula 1’s latest regulations. It is the first Formula 1 car designed from the outset by Renault Sport Racing from its two locations in Enstone, England and Viry-Châtillon, France.

Present at the launch were Thierry Koskas, Groupe Renault Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Jérôme Stoll, President and Cyril Abiteboul, Managing Director of Renault Sport Racing, as well as Renault Sport Formula One Team’s senior management and drivers, and Alain Prost as Renault Sport Racing Special Advisor.

The R.S.17 was unveiled by race drivers Nico Hülkenberg and Jolyon Palmer, whilst Third and Reserve Driver Sergey Sorokin was also announced today.
The car was unveiled with the hashtag #RS17Launch.

The 2017 Renault Sport Academy line-up was also confirmed, with Jack Aitken, Max Fewtrell, Jarno Opmeer and Sun Yue Yang all being supported by Renault Sport Racing through their 2017 seasons. Jack will contest the GP3 Series, whilst Max, Jarno and Sun will contest the Formula Renault Eurocup in an historic-high 30-cars-grid.

Jérôme Stoll, President of Renault Sport Racing: “The R.S.17 is the first car which Enstone and Viry have been able to plan and develop from the outset and we’re satisfied by the fruits of this interaction. It’s a beautiful car. As well as the excitement of the R.S.17 itself, we also have a highly important new partner in BP through their BP and Castrol brands. For 2017 our performance targets are clear. We want to take a definite, tangible step forward in performance and results. Fifth position in the Constructors’ Championship is our goal.”

Cyril Abiteboul, Renault Sport Racing Managing Director: “For 2017 we are perfectly placed to take the step forward we all desire. The R.S.17 is the result of many long working hours spent over our two integrated locations and the result is a car we can be proud of. We have a strong line-up of personnel at all levels of the team and we’re proud to see Nico and Sergey join Jolyon in 2017. We are joined by a strong group of partners with BP, Castrol, MAPFRE and SMP Racing representing the best pre-season sponsorship acquisition campaign in the paddock. We are the fastest growing F1 team and we now need to prove our performance on track. Our objective is to score points at every round.”

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The Sauber C36-Ferrari – the anniversary car for the new era

I personally think the Sauber C36-Ferrari is one of the most beautiful F1 cars we have seen in a very long time.

From Sauber F1 Team:


20 February 2017

In 2017 the Sauber F1 Team celebrates another milestone: it is the 25th Formula One season in the teams’ history. Together with its new owner, Longbow Finance S. A., the Sauber F1 Team starts a new era. In the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship the Swiss team will again be competing with driver Marcus Ericsson (SE, 26) and the new arrival Pascal Wehrlein (DE, 22). The official rollout of the new Sauber C36-Ferrari will take place on the occasion of the first winter tests at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona from 27 February to 2 March.

A new era
Not only will Formula One be starting a fresh era with its new technical regulations and rules, but also the Sauber F1 Team. With new ownership, the Sauber Group has the chance of a new beginning, and can establish itself and can create a solid basis for a competitive and successful future. CEO and Team Principal Monisha Kaltenborn is looking forward to exciting times: “Together with Longbow Finance S. A., we have great opportunities to be competitive again and to return to previous successes in Formula One. We want to position ourselves with a new approach, and we have already taken the first steps in order to build a solid foundation for the future.“

Despite the fact that Formula One and its teams will again enter new territory based on the new technical regulations and rules in 2017, the Sauber F1 Team’s expectations are straight to the point: “We clearly have to improve,” says Monisha Kaltenborn. “With the Sauber C36-Ferrerai we have a solid basis as well as the resources to further develop the Sauber C36-Ferrari through the season. This will be important to establish in mid-field.”

A new car
In Jörg Zander a new technical director arrived at the high-tech factory in Hinwil in January 2017. The first thing he had to do was to get an overview of the technical prerequisites and to familiarise himself with both the new and the old conditions – which he soon managed to do because he felt comfortable from day one. Jörg Zander is a familiar face, returning to the Swiss team after having worked there from 2006 to 2007 as chief designer for the BMW Sauber F1 Team.

The German summarises the most conspicuous changes that define the Sauber C36-Ferrari due to the new regulations: “The cars are becoming wider again, from 1.80 to 2 metres, the tyres are 25 % wider, the front and rear wings are becoming wider as well, plus the diffuser is being enlarged. In total, this means more downforce, more grip and, as a result, faster lap times.” Consequently, work on the concept of the new car was focused on reducing the drag coefficient (due to the wider tyres) to a minimum as well as achieving a significant weight reduction, for instance by means of the new roll structure. In certain areas of lightweight design the team went to the limits. The aero concept includes the optimisation of the front and rear wings and the underfloor. The radiator, the sidepods and the bodywork were designed to be as slim as possible. Clear progress was also achieved in terms of additional downforce. The key here is to keep downforce, which is generated via driving, and remain stable in various track sections. Jörg Zander explains the changes in the development procedure in more precise terms: “We put greater emphasis on aerodynamic stability as opposed to maximizing downforce.”

New regulations
“Basically, big teams also have an advantage when it comes to major changes in the regulations,” says Jörg Zander, “but when the cards are reshuffled new opportunities always present themselves as well. The Sauber C36-Ferrari is wider and lower, with wider tyres making the car look more muscular than last year’s model, the C35. Practically just by looking at it, one can tell the speed the new car has increased as a result of more downforce and shorter braking distances – measured against lap time, not top speed – it is written all over its face. The width of the front tyres has increased from 245 to 305 mm, that of the rear tyres from 325 to 405 mm. Something that has not changed compared with 2016 is the fact that the wider tyres will be able to decide races as well when it comes to how they work and harmonise with the car’s setup and with respect to wear. “With the tyres one might be able to mask deficits and get development concepts to work better,” says Jörg Zander.

The Sauber C36-Ferrari is a car which, due to the new technical regulations, has been redesigned from scratch. There is not a single part that could be adopted from its C35 predecessor. In 2017, the Ferrari powertrain in the Abu Dhabi 2016 configuration will be used initially together with the C36. One of the changes this season is that only four of the six units of a powertrain can be changed without penalty. In the next few years the number will be further reduced, which is why the manufacturers are going to put greater emphasis on the durability than on the top speed of their units. Jörg Zander regards the 2016-spec engine as “a tried and tested system with higher durability to begin with.” In addition, with respect to the design resources in planning the development of the C36, Jörg Zander says that “being able to get started early and defining the engine environment was an advantage because the team was familiar with the engine and the transmission as well as the cooling requirements the engine entailed.”

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Pirelli has announced compound choices and mandatory sets for Bahrain and Russian GP 2017



Milan, January 11, 2017 – Pirelli announces the following compounds for the third and fourth rounds of the 2017 Formula 1 season.

In BAHRAIN*, to be held from April 14-16 on the Sakhir circuit:
P Zero White medium
P Zero Yellow soft
P Zero Red supersoft

These are the tyres that must be available (at least one of them to be used) at some point in the race:
One set of P Zero White medium
One set of P Zero Yellow soft

There are the tyres assigned for Q3 in qualifying:                     
One set of P Zero Red supersoft

In RUSSIA*, to be held from April 28-30 on the Sochi circuit:
P Zero Yellow soft
P Zero Red supersoft
P Zero Purple ultrasoft

These are the tyres that must be available (at least one of them to be used) at some point in the race:
One set of P Zero Yellow soft
One set of P Zero Red supersoft

There are the tyres assigned for Q3 in qualifying:                     
One set of P Zero Purple ultrasoft

*The tyre nomination for long-haul events has to be made 15 weeks in advance, whereas for European races the deadline is nine weeks in advance.

In accordance with the regulations, each driver must save for Q3 one set of the softest of the three nominated compounds. This set will be given back to Pirelli after Q3 for those who qualify in the top 10, but the remaining drivers will keep it for the race.

For the first five events of the season all 13 sets for each driver are identical and defined in the regulations: seven sets of the softest of the three nominated compounds, four sets of the middle compound and two of the hardest compound nominated. 


  • The range has been completely transformed, with new sizes (305/670-13 at the front and 405/670-13 at the rear) as well as new profiles, constructions and compounds.
  • The compounds in particular make use of entirely new materials and a completely fresh design philosophy.
  • After a very positive testing programme with the new sizes Pirelli has decided to additionally homologate a back-up compound alongside each of the five new base compounds. These extra compounds are formulated using more traditional criteria compared to the new base compounds.
  • For the first part of the championship, only the new-generation base compounds have been selected.
  • The back-up compounds could be introduced later in the season to respond to any particular requirements once the real performance levels of the 2017 cars have been identified.
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Perfekt start på et nytt år for Andreas Bakkerud

2017 blir Andreas Bakkeruds fjerde sesong i VM i rallycross, og endelig kan han starte året og sesongen slik han alltid har drømt om. Nemlig med en løpsbil som treningsredskap – og det allerede fra uke 2.

2017 blir Andreas Bakkeruds fjerde sesong i VM i rallycross, og endelig kan han starte året og sesongen slik han alltid har drømt om. Nemlig med en løpsbil som treningsredskap – og det allerede fra uke 2. VM-treeren i 2016 vil ta plass i teamet til 12 ganger Norgesmester Anders Grøndal, og skal kjøre hans Ford Fiesta R2T i Sigdalsrally, årets første NM Runde på snø og is!

– Det høres rart ut at jeg nesten aldri trener med bil, men som motorsportutøver er det å få trent godt med bil vanskelig på grunn av kostnadene. Det at vi nå har fått til denne løsningen er jeg svært fornøyd med, forteller Bakkerud og utdyper planene:

– Vi skal prøve oss i rally med en Ford Fiesta R2T fra Team Grøndal Bilbutikken.

I hele UKE 2 vil vi teste i Numedal som oppladning til årets første NM-runde i rally i Sigdal Lørdag 14 januar. Teamets svært erfarne første fører Anders Grøndal, vil bidra som coach for Bakkerud, som også har fått med seg den erfarne kartleseren Miriam Walfridsson i passasjersete.

Denne bilen skal Andreas benytte i årets første NM-runde i rally 2



Sammen med sine lokale #BakkerudBLUE partnere har Bakkerud fått på plass de økonomiske rammene som kreves for å få til de beste forberedelsene:

– Denne pakken ble en perfekt start på årets sesong for meg. En ukes test, og et rally gir meg utrolig mange kilometer i en løpsbil – og akkurat hva jeg trenger for å komme i gang med sesongen. Jeg har alltid hatt lyst til å prøve rally – det er en stor utfordring som fører. I tilegg til å håndtere bilen skal du motta ”noter” fra kartleseren.
Rally er en helt annen gren enn rallycross, men mange av elementene kan selvfølgelig overføres mellom sportene. For meg handler det å om å investere i min egen fremtid, og jobbe målrettet for å bli en enda bedre utøver. Det trenger jeg definitivt for å nå drømmen som er klar. Verdensmester i rallycross.

At det ble Grøndal og hans Team Grøndal Bilbutikken som ble samarbeidspartnere er ikke tilfeldig: – Anders har en utrolig erfaring med sine 12 Norgesmesterskap, og mange år i rally. I tilegg hadde de en bra totalpakke – og en ny Ford Fiesta R2 som er en meget spennende bil, forteller Bakkerud som har lave tanker om resultat og plassering: – Vi gjør dette utelukkende for å lære. Det vil for oss være viktigst å bygge erfaring, og komme til mål. Jeg har stor respekt for rallykjøring på skogen, men tror derfor at det også kan gi meg mye nyttig erfaring.

Teamsjef Arve Herstrøm ønsker også Andreas velkommen i teamet til samarbeidet: “Vi syntes det er moro at Andreas kjører vår Fiesta R2RT under NM åpningen i Sigdal. Målet er og gi Andreas en driftssikker og rask bil gjennom hele løpet. At Andreas er en rask sjåfør er det ingen tvil om, men å kjøre fort på noter er noe helt annet enn på bane. Snø og is blir også nytt, det blir derfor viktig for Andreas og åpne rolig og få så mange km som mulig. Det skal det bli spennende og se progresjon utover løpet”
Vi hadde et svært godt debut år i 2016 i vår nye bil og team, men vet at vi har mye å gå på. Alle teamene gjør hver vinter en god jobb, og vi må gjøre vår så bra som mulig for å være klar. Planene for testing i rallycrossbilen er allerede lagt – og jeg vet at jobben vi skal gjøre frem mot sesongstart vil gjøre oss godt forberedt, avslutter Andreas Bakkerud.

Første løp kjøres i årets VM i Rallycross kjøres i Barcelona 1. April.


Fakta Andreas Bakkerud
Født: 10.10.91
Bor: Bergen
Team: Hoonigan Racing Division // Ford Performance
Bil: Ford Focus RSRX. (Firehjulstrekk, 600 hk og 0-100 km/t på 2.2 sekunder).

Tredjeplass i FIA World Rallycross Championship 2017
Verdensmester med teamet Ford Olsbergs MSE 2014
Europamester Super1600 2011 og 2012

3. Plass i Europamesterskapet Div1a 2010
2. Plass i NM klasse 1 2009

Årets Bilsporttalent i Norge 2010
Årets Bilsportutøver i Norge 2011

SNAPCHAT: Bakkerud13

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Abarth 124 Rally to debut in the 85th Monte Carlo Rally

Monte Carlo Rally will be staged from January 19 to 22.


  • Tree test days with Abarth Racing Team engineers for the three private crews that will be competing in the first round of the 2017 Rally World Championship.
  • Champion Francois Delecour, Italian talent Fabio Andolfi and the expert Gabriele Noberasco will be taking part.
  • The Monte Carlo Rally will be staged from January 19 to 22. It will be the first crucial chance to develop the car in extreme conditions in the most important race on the world championship calendar.


The racing career of the new Abarth 124 Rally kicks off with a bang with the car debuting in the 85th Monte Carlo Rally, the first race of the 2017 Rally World Championship to be staged from January 19 to 22.

Three private crews have picked the new Abarth 124 Rally to take on one of the most difficult yet prestigious races in the Championship, with the goal of putting the brand with the Scorpion badge and a glorious past in the speciality back at the top. The three crews embody three different types of drivers. Frenchman Francois Delecour, with his mate Dominique Savignoni, was official driver and 1993 World Championship runner-up. He won the international FIA R-GT Cup, which is the category in which the Abarth 124 Rally is competing, in 2015. Young Fabio Andolfi, with Manuel Fenoli, is seen as one of the more promising Italian drivers. He is sponsored for the race by ACI Sport in the scope of the ACI Team Italia young driver project. Finally, Gabriele Noberasco, with Daniele Michi, is a very fast and expert gentleman driver who has won many national competitions. He has competed in the Monte Carlo Rally several times, once at the wheel of an Abarth 500 R3T.

The three drivers supported by their respective teams – the French-based Milano Racing and Bernini Rally – have conducted several specific test sessions to prepare for the Monte Carlo race on the roads near Cuneo in Italy together with racing and test driver Alex Fiorio, who worked on developing and tuning the car with the Abarth Racing Team.

Various tweaks were assessed over the three days together with the Michelin tyres that are the crucial components of a winter competition on mountain roads like those of Monte Carlo. The drivers familiarised with the new Abarth 124 Rally and its many original features. The Abarth 124 rally breaks the mould by combining excitement and technology: rear-wheel drive guarantees the spectacle, while the very high-level performance is the result of painstaking development.

It is a Group R-GT model and therefore can compete in national and international races. The Abarth 124 rally Trophy organised by Abarth will count seven rallies – six of which on road and one on dirt – all the scope of the Italian Rally Championship. In this way, Trophy contenders may also compete for the new Group R-GT Italian championship title.

The jackpot is very rich with prizes for the absolute ranking, Under 23 drivers and teams. All prizes – 5000 Euro for the winner, 4000 Euro for the team and 2000 Euro for the Under 23 drivers – are cumulative. According to regulations, prizes will be given to the first three rankings, in each race and final, in each category. The real news of the jackpot is the addition of a prize for the best ranking teams with a final jackpot of 30,000 Euro. The Under 23 winner will also be given the opportunity to compete in the 2017 Monza Rally with the official Abarth 124 rally. Other prizes include an ACI Sport Federal Super Course and a “rally master” organised directly by the Abarth Racing Team. The winner of the overall ranking will receive their own street-legal Abarth 124 spider.

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