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2017 Singapore Grand Prix – Sets available for the race




#SingaporeGP 2017




14 12:00 GMT
Position Driver Nationality Team Point
1 25
2 18
3 15
4 12
5 10
6 8
7 6
8 4
9 2
10 1 Circuit Name : Marina Bay Street Circuit
Established : 2008
Pole Position Capacity : 110 000
Sebastian Vettel Germany Ferrari Circuit Type : Street
Circuit Length : 5.073 kms
Past Winners Number of Laps : 61
2016 Nico Rosberg Mercedes Starting Grid : 1 Race Distance : 309.316 kms
2015 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari Starting Grid : 1 Circuit Direction : Anti-clockwise
2014 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Starting Grid : 1 Circuit Turns : 23
2013 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Starting Grid : 1 Lap Record : 1:45.599 – Kimi Raikkonen (2008)
2012 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Starting Grid : 3
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The numbers from Pirelli`s 2016 Formula 1 season

Total number of tyres supplied in 2016: 42,792

“This has been an incredible season both on and off the track: here are a few facts and figures as a souvenir of a year that will go down in history. Pirelli has introduced a brand new compound – the ultrasoft – and also new regulations that allowed teams to use three compounds during each race, selected in advance. This extra tactical intrigue proved to be a highlight of the year, enhancing the show still further. We also had the final season of tyres with a deliberately high level of degradation, as from next year we adopt a new philosophy in line with the latest direction for the sport. At the same time as completing this season, we were testing for the next one: both using prototypes in 2016 dimensions, and then, from August, prototypes in 2017 size on adapted mule cars over 24 cumulative test days. As a result of that, and the biggest calendar ever featured in the sport, we completed a longer distance, at higher levels of performance, than has ever been seen before in the history of Formula 1.”
Paul Hembery, Pirelli Motorsport Director


  • Total number of tyres supplied in 2016: 42,792
  • Of these, 38,112 were supplied for race weekends and 4,680 for testing
  • Of the 42,792 tyres, 28,188 were slicks and 14,604 were rain or intermediate tyres
  • Total number of tyres used during race weekends: 15,652, of which 13,844 were slick tyres and 1,808 were rain or intermediates
  • Total number of tyres that were recycled: all
  • Maximum number of kilometres driven on each compound (excluding tests):
    Hard: 759 km (Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull)
    Medium: 3,597 km (Valtteri Bottas, Williams)
    Soft: 6,566 km (Sergio Perez, Force India)
    Supersoft: 4,598 km (Valtteri Bottas, Williams)
    Ultrasoft: 2,052 km (Nico Rosberg, Mercedes)
    Intermediate: 444 km (Jenson Button, McLaren)
    Wet: 523km (Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes)



  • Total number of pit stops: 933, of which 4 drive-throughs and one was a stop and go)
  • This makes an average of 44.4 per race, and 2.01 per driver in each race
  • Most pit stops in a race: 66 at the Chinese Grand Prix
  • Fewest pit stops in a race: 26 in Russia



  • Total number of overtaking manoeuvres during the season: 866 (*), with an average of 41.2 per race
  • Highest number of overtaking manoeuvres at a dry race: 128 in China (**)
  • Highest number of overtaking manoeuvres at a wet race: 64 in Brazil
  • Fewest number of overtaking manoeuvres at a dry race: 10 in Hungary
  • Driver with the most overtaking manoeuvres during the year: Max Verstappen, 78(**)
  • Driver with the most overtaking manoeuvres at a single race: 18, Lewis Hamilton in China
  • Driver who has been overtaken least: Sebastian Vettel, one time (by Max Verstappen at the Brazilian Grand Prix, 66th lap, 5th position)
  • Driver who made up most places on the opening lap: Fernando Alonso, who gained 41 positions on the opening lap
  • Team that carried out most overtaking: Red Bull, 136 moves (**) – 61 by Daniel Ricciardo, 60 by Max Verstappen, 15 by Daniil Kvyat
  • Team that has been overtaken least: Mercedes, seven times (Nico Rosberg four, Lewis Hamilton three)

(*) How overtaking moves are calculated: an overtaking manoeuvre is counted as one that takes place during complete flying laps (so not on the opening lap) and is then maintained all the way to the lap’s finish line. Position changes due to major mechanical problems or lapping/unlapping are not counted.
(**) It’s the highest value since 1983 (the first year since when data is available)




  • Longest race of the season: Brazil, three hours, one minute and 01,335 seconds
  • Shortest race of the year: Italy, one hour, 17 minutes and 28,089 seconds
  • Fastest race of the year: Italy, winner’s average speed (Nico Rosberg), 237.558 kph
  • Highest speed reached by a Pirelli P Zero Formula One tyre during a grand prix: 372.5 km/h, Valtteri Bottas in Mexico (*)
  • Highest number of fastest laps: Lewis Hamilton, 15 (3 in races and 12 in qualifying)
  • Highest number of laps led: 566 (Lewis Hamilton)

(*) New record in an official F1 session (previous: 370,1 kph, Kimi Raikkonen at the Italian Grand Prix, 2005)




  • Number of prototypes tested: 96
  • Tyres’ width: +25%
  • Teams involved in Pirelli’s testing programme: 3 (Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull)
  • Drivers involved: 11, of which 4 Ferrari, 4 Red Bull and 3 Mercedes
  • Days of testing: 24
  • Laps: 2,613
  • Total of kilometres: 12,148 km
  • Circuits: 5 (Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Fiorano, Mugello, Paul Ricard)



  • Pascal Wehrlein (Mercedes): 3,248
  • Pierre Gasly (Red Bull): 2,494
  • Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): 2,228
  • Sébastien Buemi (Red Bull): 1,190
  • Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari): 1,054
  • Max Verstappen (Red Bull): 517
  • Esteban Gutiérrez (Ferrari): 480
  • Antonio Fuoco (Ferrari): 478
  • Nico Rosberg (Mercedes): 209
  • Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull): 200
  • Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): 50




  • Races: 320
  • Wins: 161
  • Pole positions: 164
  • Podiums: 490
  • Fastest laps: 168
  • Driver titles: 11
  • Team titles: 6



  • Number of drivers (including third drivers and young drivers) who have driven a Pirelli-equipped Formula One car since 2010: 102
  • Kilometres driven by all the P Zero compounds throughout 2016 (including tests, practice, qualifying and races): 384,705 km (excluding prototype tyres)
  • By compound, it works out as: Hard 14,236; Medium 99,447; Soft 133,988; Supersoft 86,014; Ultrasoft 31,647; Intermediate 8,278; Wet 11,095
  • Distance covered in testing during 2016 (excluding race weekends): 61,772 km, of which over 12,000 km with 2017 Wider Tyres
  • Distance covered in races in 2016: 123,534 km
  • Number of fastest laps (in qualifying and races) set by the world champion in 2016: 14 (six in races and eight in qualifying)
  • Lowest average speed at which a dry race has been won in 2016: 159.992 kph(Nico Rosberg, Singapore Grand Prix)
  • Lowest asphalt temperatures recorded during a race (on Sunday): 15°C in Canada
  • Lowest asphalt temperatures recorded during a race weekend: 13°C in Mexico.
  • Highest asphalt temperatures recorded during a race (on Sunday): 59°C in Malaysia
  • Highest asphalt temperatures recorded during a race weekend: 61°C, again in Malaysia
  • Lowest ambient temperatures recorded during a race (on Sunday): 11°C in Canada
  • Lowest ambient temperatures recorded during a race weekend: 11°C in Canada
  • Highest ambient temperatures recorded during a race (on Sunday): 37°C in Malaysia
  • Highest ambient temperatures recorded during a race weekend: 37°C in Malaysia




  • Pirelli team members who travel to each race: 60 (on average)
  • Nationalities represented within the Pirelli Formula One team: 9
  • Different languages spoken by team members: 10
  • Press releases written by Pirelli Formula One Team: 234
  • Infographics: 210
  • Tweets sent by @PirelliSport account via Twitter: 2,100
  • Pirelli notebooks distributed throughout the season inside the paddock: 2,550
  • Guests: 5,600
  • Pirelli podium caps sold: 15,000




  • Meals served within Pirelli’s hospitality unit (including tests): 15,600
  • Litres of water drunk in Pirelli’s hospitality during the year: 10,200
  • Kilograms of pasta cooked by Pirelli’s chef: 900
  • Pizzas cooked by Pirelli’s chef: 420
  • Number of different dessert recipes prepared at Pirelli’s Hospitality unit: 50
  • Desserts eaten at Pirelli’s hospitality: 7,500
  • Coffees served at Pirelli’s: almost 30,000
  • Litres of olive oil used during the year: 500



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Renault Sport Formula One Team is proud to announce that Nico Hülkenberg will join the team for 2017 as part of a multi-year deal.


Renault Sport Formula One Team is proud to announce that Nico Hülkenberg will join the team for 2017 as part of a multi-year deal. Twenty-nine year-old Nico has raced in 111 Formula 1 Grands Prix since making his debut in 2010. Nico’s motorsport CV includes a Formula 1 pole position in his debut season, winning the GP2 Series at his first attempt as well as victory in his first Le Mans 24 Hours. Currently driving for Force India, Nico has previously raced for Williams and Sauber in Formula 1.

Jérôme Stoll, Renault Sport Racing Chairman:

“2017 will be the second season of Groupe Renault’s return as a manufacturer entry in Formula 1 and the next step in our journey. This season has been about putting the foundations in place for future success. For our next step we required an experienced driver who is still hungry for podiums. Nico Hülkenberg fulfils this role perfectly and is an excellent complement to what we want to achieve. He is a highly talented, dedicated and motivated driver. Nico will enable us to harness all the hard work completed this season and translate it to improved results on track in 2017 and beyond. We look forward to seeing him in our new car for 2017.”

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hülkenberg:

“I’m very happy to join Renault Sport Formula One Team in 2017. Renault has always been a big player in the motorsport world that brings up incredible memories: in his stint with Renault, Michael Schumacher not only helped make Germany an F1 nation, he also sparked my enthusiasm and fire for racing. As a part of the Renault family, I want to develop the car and write new success stories. “It has always been my dream to work for a manufacturer team. F1’s new regulations will change the game and give our team a good opportunity. In the years to come, Renault will play a challenger role, which fits my approach to racing 100%. I can’t wait to become part of the family. “For the remaining races this year, I will give my best for Force India to reach fourth place in the constructors’ championship. This would be a great achievement for the whole Force India team, the biggest success in its history and a great end to a fantastic time there. “I am grateful that Force India has given me the chance to take up this new opportunity.”


Starting grid for Singapore GP 2016

Includung Pirelli qualifying report from yesterday.

Sauber is informing:

Looks like we’ll start from P14 and P16… Gearbox change for GRO (plus grid penalty for PER).



From Formula1.com

1 6 Nico Rosberg MERCEDES 1:42.584
2 3 Daniel Ricciardo RED BULL RACING TAG HEUER 1:43.115
3 44 Lewis Hamilton MERCEDES 1:43.288
4 33 Max Verstappen RED BULL RACING TAG HEUER 1:43.328
5 7 Kimi Räikkönen FERRARI 1:43.540
6 55 Carlos Sainz TORO ROSSO FERRARI 1:44.197
7 26 Daniil Kvyat TORO ROSSO FERRARI 1:44.469
8 27 Nico Hulkenberg FORCE INDIA MERCEDES 1:44.479
9 14 Fernando Alonso MCLAREN HONDA 1:44.553
10 77 Valtteri Bottas WILLIAMS MERCEDES 1:44.740
11 19 Felipe Massa WILLIAMS MERCEDES 1:44.991
12 22 Jenson Button MCLAREN HONDA 1:45.144
13 21 Esteban Gutierrez HAAS FERRARI 1:45.593
14 8 Romain Grosjean HAAS FERRARI 1:45.723
15 9 Marcus Ericsson SAUBER FERRARI 1:47.827
16 20 Kevin Magnussen RENAULT 1:46.825
17 12 Felipe Nasr SAUBER FERRARI 1:46.860
18 11 Sergio Perez FORCE INDIA MERCEDES 1:44.582
19 30 Jolyon Palmer RENAULT 1:46.960
20 94 Pascal Wehrlein MRT MERCEDES 1:47.667
21 31 Esteban Ocon MRT MERCEDES 1:48.296
22 5 Sebastian Vettel FERRARI 1:49.116


2016 Singapore Grand Prix, Qualifying




Marina Bay, September 17, 2016 – Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg has claimed pole position using the ultrasoft tyre, following a thrilling qualifying hour around the floodlit streets of Singapore. Rosberg’s time of 1m42.584s was the fastest lap ever seen at Singapore since the race was inaugurated in 2008, beating the previous benchmark of 1m42.841s from Sebastian Vettel in 2013 during qualifying.

As expected track temperatures fell as each Qualifying session continued. Most drivers were straight onto ultrasoft from the start of Q1, with the exception of Toro Rosso. Carlos Sainz was actually the only driver to set his best Q1 time on the supersoft (around 0.9 seconds per lap slower than the softest compound available).

Last year’s pole position time was already broken in the early stages of Q2, where all the drivers used ultrasoft apart from Red Bull, which went out on supersoft from the beginning. Both drivers set their best time on this compound, which means that they will be the only ones in the top 10 to start on the supersoft.

Rosberg’s ultrasoft pole time came during his first run in Q3, while Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo claimed P2 on the grid during his second run.

With six out of the eight Grands Prix held so far in Singapore won from pole position, qualifying was an extremely important session. However there has never been a race without a safety car at Marina Bay, which clearly has potential to mix up the strategy variables.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director: “We witnessed qualifying sessions with some surprises from start to finish. Strategy already came to the forefront from Q2, when Red Bull opted to run on the supersoft to set their fastest times. As a result, they will be the only starters in the top 10 to begin the race on this compound, which means that they can run an alternative strategy. We’d expect to see at least two stops per car tomorrow, but this is always one of the hardest races to predict.”

How the tyres behaved today:
Soft: Used at the start of Q1 by Manor: may figure in some alternative race strategies.
Supersoft: Used only by Red Bull in Q2, meaning that they can run a longer first stint.
Ultrasoft: Used to set pole position and mostly by everybody during Q2 and Q3.

Free practice 3 – top three times

Rosberg 1m44.352s Ultrasoft New
Verstappen 1m44.411s Ultrasoft New
Raikkonen 1m44.860s Ultrasoft New

Qualifying top 10

Rosberg 1m42.584s Ultrasoft New
Ricciardo 1m43.115s Ultrasoft New
Hamilton 1m43.288s Ultrasoft New
Verstappen 1m43.328s Ultrasoft New
Raikkonen 1m43.540s Ultrasoft New
Sainz 1m44.197s Ultrasoft New
Kvyat 1m44.469s Ultrasoft New
Hulkenberg 1m44.479s Ultrasoft New
Alonso 1m44.553s Ultrasoft New
Perez 1m44.582s Ultrasoft New

Most laps by compound so far

Soft Ocon 21 laps
Vettel 21
Supersoft Kvyat 23
Magnussen 23
Sainz J 23
Ultrasoft Ocon 23

Best time by compound so far

Soft Hamilton 1m46.426s
Supersoft Ricciardo 1m43.933s
Ultrasoft Rosberg 1m42.584s



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Sauber F1 Team – Formula Singapore Airlines GP 2016

The Sauber F1 Team is pleased to confirm the appointment of Ruth Buscombe as new Strategy Engineer. The 26-year old Briton will start to work for the Sauber F1 Team from the Malaysian Grand Prix onwards. Buscombe has worked for the Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team, as well as recently for the Haas F1 Team.

Track facts:
The Singapore Grand Prix on the Marina Bay Street Circuit is the second race of the season to be held at night. The grip conditions on this street track improve from session to session. The circuit has 23 corners –  the most in any circuit on the calendar – and they are all low-speed. The probability of the Safety Car being deployed is very high. Traction and braking dominate on this bumpy circuit. Due to its layout, overtaking is rather difficult and that makes a good starting position important.


Circuit Marina Bay Street Circuit / 5.065 km
Race distance 61 laps / 308.965 km
Schedule Qualifying 21:00 hrs local time (15:00 CEST), Race 20:00 hrs local time (14:00 hrs CEST)

15th Round of the FIA Formula One World Championship, 16th to 18th September 2016

With the Singapore Grand Prix the Asian overseas season starts, followed by the Grands Prix in Malaysia and Japan. The race weekend in Singapore is definitely one of the highlights of the season – for Formula 1 as well as for spectators, as the Marina Bay Street Circuit on the island state offers a unique atmosphere for this fascinating night race. The Sauber F1 Team has positive memories from last year’s night race, as the team scored one point with Felipe Nasr finishing in P10. During the Singapore Grand Prix the Swiss team will again focus on aerodynamic refinements on the Sauber C35-Ferrari.

Partner News: Sauber F1 Team’s Premium Partner the Silanna Group has expanded its marketing message to include their Power Semiconductor Product Line (Power Semis). From the Singapore Grand Prix onwards, the “Power Semis” logo will appear on the air horn as well as the front wing of the Sauber C35-Ferrari. As in previous races, the Silanna Group logo will remain on the sides of the cockpit.

Partner News: As announced earlier this season, Dranix Technology will be a Race Partner of the Sauber F1 Team at the 2016 Singapore Grand Prix, as well as at the 2016 Japanese Grand Prix. During the Singapore Grand Prix one of its brands, AG88, will be visible on the upper sides of the sidepods, as well as on the garage walls. AG88 is an Asian online entertainment provider.

Personnel News: The Sauber F1 Team is pleased to confirm the appointment of Ruth Buscombe as new Strategy Engineer. The 26-year old Briton will start to work for the Sauber F1 Team from the Malaysian Grand Prix onwards. Buscombe has worked for the Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team, as well as recently for the Haas F1 Team.

Demo Run: In Örebro, the swedish home region of Marcus Ericsson, last weekend there were tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans at the “Race Day” to watch the demo run with Marcus in a Sauber F1 race car:


Marcus Ericsson (car number 9):
“The Singapore Grand Prix is surely one of most exciting as well as challenging race weekends. The typically high temperatures, the high humidity, and the fact that the race is held at night makes it to one of the highlights of the season. For the spectators it is a real experience – besides the action on track, there are also many events going on off track. Thinking about last year’s race, I was very close to the points by finishing in P11. As we saw positive results from the car package during the recent race weekends, our aim is certainly to fight for points in Singapore.”

Felipe Nasr (car number 12):
“I like the Singapore Grand Prix a lot – the night race as well as the atmosphere in the city once Formula 1 is there makes it a special race weekend. It is a great street circuit and racing under these high temperatures is a real challenge. I have good memories from last year’s Singapore Grand Prix, as I was able to score one point. Looking back to the tests during the previous race weekends, I have confidence in our car, as I felt that we made a step in the right direction, although we cannot see it in the results yet. In Singapore a lot can happen during the race, so we need to take every opportunity that might come up.”


Tyre choices:

Driver Marcus Ericsson Felipe Nasr
Soft 1 1
Supersoft 3 4
Ultrasoft 9 8

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