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My daily commute

7 weeks left in this job, for now …
And that is a very strange feeling after so many years.

“Just for fun”

I work in Sola outside Stavanger in Norway, and I live on an island named Rennesøy.

The trip one way are approximately 37 km and there are two long underwater tunnels on the way home 🙂


Post phot of my Volvo V40:

Volvo V40 R design - 2014

The Volvo and the stave church 😉




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A bit late to inform, but here it is – We are going on a road trip!

Family Road Trip 2017

There has not been and will not be posted anything here the coming three weeks.

We are traveling in our family car, the Volvo V40 2014 R Design 🙂 This time the whole family are together for the Road Trip 2017, my daughter, my son and me.

If possible I might post some very simple posts from my cellphone, mostly photos then.

The Road Trip is planned to cover the whole of Norway, and a bit of Finland and Sweden, here below are the hashtags that will be used for the trip, so you can image that it will be some kilometers on the Volvo 🙂


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Sway, Shorthand Social, WordPress or just Google Plus?

The summer of 2015 we drove Norway lengthwise, that was an amazing trip that I for sure will do again. But next time we will “stop” and go back when we have completed Lofoten.

There are so many excellent tools to use for sharing your stories out there, and they are only getting better. I have tried Sway, not a lot, and I like it very much. Today I saw a story made in Shorthand Social, and I was almost blown away by the look of this presentation. The look of it was just fantastic!

The story itself can be a bit “dry” for some, and it is in norwegian. But the way it was presented to me in Shorthand Social was just great. But as always this does not come without a good plan and a lot work.

Link to the story.

I`m a newbie in the use of this, but I have made a promise to someone who I will try to help them in the way I can so that they can make the best plan possible for their travel to Norway in 2018.

My chosen tool for this is Sway.

I have just started with it, and the plan is to finish it before the end of this summer 🙂

My approach will be to include the places I already have visited, and the ones I want to visit, from the Swedish border in the south and all the way up to Finnmark in the north. It has to be taken to consideration that this Sway will be reflected by my personal experiences and feelings.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to do this, and I hope that it can help them to plan their travel from Chicago to Norway in 2018 🙂

Would it look better in Shorthand Social, Google Plus or just as a WordPress post? Or is Sway the right tool for this “project”?

Here below the Sway I have just started on “Something about Norway”, and one Sway from the planning of our road trip last year (in norwegian).





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