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Saturday – 2017 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

Alan Permane, Sporting Director:
We’re optimistic for a strong race with both cars in the points.

Photo: Courtesy of Renault Sport

Renault Sport Formula One Team 2017


Nico Hulkenberg, #27, R.S.17-02, Q: P7 1:29.842 FP3: P8 1:32.933

That was one of my best qualifying laps together with my pole in Brazil 2010. It’s quite a tricky track to get a perfect lap here, but I think I extracted the maximum possible today. The team has done a great job all through the weekend so I’m very proud and happy right now. Looking to the race, I’m a bit cautious with predictions as we had a great qualifying last time out, then the circumstances of the race undid our good work. We just need to get some good Easter egg points tomorrow.


Jolyon Palmer, #30, R.S.17-01, Q: P10 1:31.074 FP3: P20: 1:34.417

Its my best ever qualifying; Q3 for the first time, and I’ve seen a full hour of qualifying, which is nice. I’m happy, especially as we had a tough weekend up until now, trying to extract the performance from the car. I got my head down with my engineers and we made some changes before qualifying making the car much better. I didn`t put in a fantastic Q3 lap so it could have gone better, but we do stand a good chance to score points tomorrow.


Alan Permane, Sporting Director:

Were optimistic for a strong race tomorrow with both cars in the points.


How was qualifying for the team?

Were obviously very happy with todays performance. Nico put in excellent laps all the way through the qualifying sessions, not only to be ahead of both the Williams, but also in P7 on the cleaner side of the track. Jo staged a fantastic recovery after a tricky weekend so far; following a difficult FP3 by improving steadily all the way through qualifying, for his first top ten grid position.


What are the considerations for tomorrows race?

The track temperature is unlikely to be as extreme as we’ve seen so far this weekend, which should be kinder on the tyres. The twilight race means cooler temperatures anyway but it will be another step cooler tomorrow. Our cars have been working well so far this weekend, so there’s nothing to fear ahead of the race. Were hopeful of a straightforward Grand Prix where we secure our first points of the year.

Jolyon Palmer (GBR) Renault Sport F1 Team RS17.
Bahrain Grand Prix, Saturday 15th April 2017. Sakhir, Bahrain.


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Round 13 of 21
Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, 25-28 August 2016

Following a short summer break, Formula 1 resumes at the one of the most epic drivers’ circuits of them all: Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. The P Zero medium, soft and supersoft tyres have been nominated for the longest lap of the year at 7.004 kilometres, which places high-energy loads through the tyres. Spa-Francorchamps in fact provides a real multi-faceted challenge for the tyres, and by extension for the teams and drivers as well. The historic circuit at the foothills of the Ardennes is renowned for its changeable weather, meaning that there is a true microclimate to provide a constant additional parameter for the strategists to consider.


  • Loads through the tyres are among the biggest of the year due to the long and fast corners.
  • Elevation changes also create vertical forces for tyres through compressions like Eau Rouge.
  • Rain is quite likely, but it frequently rains just on one part of the circuit and not on another.
  • Set-up is a compromise between low drag for straights and downforce for corners: not easy.
  • There are plenty of overtaking opportunities, which mean that strategy options are quite open.
  • F1 returns with yet another back-to-back: after Spa it’s straight to Pirelli’s home race at Monza.


  • White medium: a mandatory set that must be available for the race, low working range.
  • Yellow soft: again a mandatory set, should feature in the race but not ideal for long stints.
  • Red supersoft: will be used for qualifying with a focus on performance rather than durability.


  • Lewis Hamilton won comfortably with a two-stop strategy, changing tyres on laps 13 and 30.
  • Best alternative strategy: Max Verstappen finished eighth from 18th on the grid, having adopted a three-stop strategy and passing several cars on track.


“Spa-Francorchamps needs no introduction as one of the most iconic circuits out there. For the tyres, it’s a demanding track with the sort of high-energy loads that make it absolutely thrilling to drive. It’s not easy to find the right set-up but with such a long lap and plenty of overtaking opportunities, there are a number of different strategy permutations possible. During the summer break we’ve started testing the 2017-size tyres, and we look forward to a busy second half of the season as we continue the testing campaign and also move straight on to our home race the weekend after Belgium.”


  • There are no significant changes to the Spa-Francorchamps circuit and infrastructure this year.
  • Esteban Ocon becomes a full-time Formula 1 driver, taking over from Rio Haryanto at Manor.


  • Pirelli was at the forefront in Spa last month with the famous 24 Hours. It was the Italian firm’s biggest-ever event with a total of 65 cars fitted and 10,724 tyres over 29,269 cumulative laps.
  • The 2017 tyre tests with modified mule cars got underway at the beginning of the month, with Ferrari at Fiorano (driven by Sebastian Vettel and Esteban Gutierrez on wets) and Red Bull at Mugello (driven by Sebastien Buemi on slicks).


Purple Red Yellow White Orange
Australia Supersoft Soft Medium
Bahrain Supersoft Soft Medium
China Supersoft Soft Medium
Russia Supersoft Soft Medium
Spain Soft Medium Hard
Monaco Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Canada Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Azerbaijan Supersoft Soft Medium
Austria Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Great Britain Soft Medium Hard
Hungary Supersoft Soft Medium
Germany Supersoft Soft Medium
Belgium Supersoft Soft Medium
Italy Supersoft Soft Medium
Singapore Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Malaysia Soft Medium Hard
Japan Soft Medium Hard
United States
Supersoft Soft Medium
Mexico Supersoft Soft Medium
Brazil Soft Medium Hard
Abu Dhabi Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft






2016 Hungarian GP – Tyre sets available for the race

Not seen at all in qualifying but will figure prominently in the race strategy.

SOFT                    Hamilton            1m21.960s
MEDIUM               Perez                 1m23.893s
SUPERSOFT        Rosberg             1m19.965s
WET                     Nasr                   1m39.500s
INTERMEDIATE   Hamilton            1m31.571s


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Viasat sine sendetider for Hungarian GP 2016

“Following the flat-out straights and fast corners of Silverstone is the tight and twisty Hungaroring: two circuits that could not be any more different. “

Weather Forecast below the table.

[table id=2 /]






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Brembo Brake Facts

Brembo Brake Facts about the Formula 1 Autodromo di Monza, Grand Prix of Italy – 2015.

Brembo Brake Facts about the Formula 1 Autodromo di Monza, Grand Prix of Italy. The Autodromo di Monza’s hardest braking point comes ahead of the chicane after the start/finish line. The driver has to decelerate here by 189 km/h over just 160 metres. 2,777 kW of brake power are released in the process. The driver has to withstand 5.8 g, while pushing with 177 kg onto the brake.



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