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New computer in the house

Moving from Apple to Windows

After many years with Mac this is my first day at home with a proper PC laptop. I have used PC at work for as long as I can remember, but private I shifted over to Mac 8-10 years ago. (Mac Mini and 2 x Macbook Pro 2011/2015)
For me PC at work is just that, it os old computers and old software that I wold not recommend to anybody.
But as a private person I think that the PC`s and the Microsoft software has changed a lot lately.
I know that there is a lot of people with different opinions out there, but I write this as I see it from my use and knowledge.  (or lack of this)

What I was mostly concerned to “lose” when I was leaving Mac was the track pad feeling/quality that I have been so used to on my Macbook Pro. My latest Macbook Pro is an early 2015 with the (for me) fantastic non-mechanical Force Touch trackpad. I really love the feeling this trackpad gives me.

My second concern was Lightroom, how will this work on a PC when I have only used it on my Mac for so many years?
The third concern was myself, will I be able to let the Mac go, or am I a “to big fan-boy”? I received this computer on Tuesday, and have spent two days to transfer data and to set it up in the way I want it, now I`m finally ready to start to use it as my daily driver 🙂
I already have some experience with Windows 10 as long as I have the Surface Pro 4 that I bought this summer, this has been my travel mate the last 6 months. It is good for travel and as an extra device, but for me the Surface Pro 4 can not replace every day laptop.
As long as the new Surface Book is still not available here in Norway, and that the price will be so high that I would have to wait until next summer, and that I in fact already have the Surface Pro 4 with the pen and all, my choice was between the Dell XPS 13 or the HP Spectre x360 late 2016.
Not an easy choice to start with, but after several reviews and all the videos that you can find on YouTube my choice was the …
drumbeat, although the image is there
HP Spectre x360 Late 2016 😉


The HP Spectre x360 is great, it is actually more than what I expected, and beyond what I even dared to hope for. Let`s say that I`m more than happy with my choice!

The track pad that I can see have received several not to good reviews is just fantastic, I really like it, and I do not miss the Macbook Pro track pad at all.
The keyboard is a dream, and the battery time is great.
Regarding the Lightroom, the screen here is “only” FHD so there is a difference, though this might be something that I have forgotten about in a weeks time.
This screen is more than good enough for everything else. Using LR is still the same as it was on my Mac, just slightly different, no problems what so ever.
If there is one thing I can put my finger on after just some hours of use it will be the swiping to go forward or back in the browser, I can not figure out if this is something I can activate, or if it even is available on this computer? This gesture is working perfectly on my Surface Pro 4.
Everything is working exactly the way I want after I joined the Microsoft Developer Program, recommended 🙂

I wish you all a great day and a fantastic New Year weekend 🙂


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PS: The USB that is attached on the photo is my 128GB Samsung memory used for LR until I receive my new Thunderbolt 3 external HD.


Data: HP Spectre x360 13,3″ FHD touch, Core i5-7200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, Windows 10 Home.

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