Semi-submersible crane and pipelaying (J-lay) DP vessel


Lloyds Register and R.I.Na.
Compliance: NMD, HSE, USCG rules


Length: 198 m
Breadth: 87 m
Depth to main deck: 45 m
Transit draft: 10.5 m
Operational draft: 27.5 m


Dynamic positioning:
DP (AAA) Lloyds Register; IPD 3 R.I.Na.; Class 3 Norwegian Maritime Directorate notations; fully redundant.


Mooring system:
14 x 1,350 kW single drum winches, each 3,350 m x 3¾” mooring line and 40 t anchors.


Propulsion and thrusters:
4 x 4,500 kW propulsion azimuthing units, fixed pitch
2 x 5,500 kW retractable azimuthing units, fixed pitch
4 x 3,000 kW retractable azimuthing units, fixed pitch
2 x 2,500 kW bow tunnel units, fixed pitch


Power plant:
Total power plant: 70,000 kW, 10,000 Volt;
12 diesel generators on heavy fuels divided
in 4 fire segregated engine rooms; classified UMS


Ballast system:
Computer controlled system with simulation capabilities comprising 4 x 6,000 t/h ballast pumps, fully redundant.

Lifting facilities main crane:

2 twin S 7000 model fully revolving bow mounted Amhoist
cranes. Main blocks tandem lift: 14,000 t
Main block single lift: 7,000 t revolving at 40 m rad./41 m tieback
6,000 t revolving at 45 m rad./50 m tieback
Aux. 1 block: 2,500 t revolving at 74 m rad.
Aux. 2 block: 900 t revolving at 115 m rad.
Lowering capability to 450 m below sea level
Whip hook: 120 t revolving at 150 m rad.


Pile driving/handling equipment availability:
2 Menck MHU 3000 hydraulic hammers.
2 Menck MHU 1700 hydraulic hammers.
2 Menck MHU 1000 hydraulic hammers.
2 Menck MHU 600 hydraulic hammers.
1 Menck MHU 220 hydraulic hammer.
1 Menck MHU 195 hydraulic hammer.
2 underwater power packs.
1 hydraulic hammer compensator.


Slim and free riding mode capability. Full spread of internal/external elevators ranging from 20″ to 102″ i./o. dia.
2 levelling systems range 66″ – 72″ dia. – 900 t capacity.

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J-lay system:
Pipe diameter range from 4″ to 32″

Main laying tension system: 525 t with tensioners,
up to 2,000 t with friction clamps;
Laying tower angle: 90º – 110º

Abandonment/Recovery system double capstan winch
with 550 t capacity (up to 2,000 t with clamps)

Number of welding stations: 1
Number of NDT and field joint stations: 1

Pipe string quadruple joint
Pipe storage capacity up to 6,000 t


Crew facilities:
405 fully AC single or double cabins up to 725 persons.


Suitable for two BV234 LR Chinook helicopters (one parked).

Classified helicopter refueling system.