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Monza, Italy, 2-4 September 2016

Milan, August, 2016 – It’s finally here: Pirelli’s home race at the fastest grand prix circuit of them all, making Monza the undisputed ‘temple of speed’. The actual cornering speeds aren’t excessive, so instead it’s all about the straights, where the cars come close to 360kph thanks also to specific low-drag configurations that are generally only seen in Italy. Pirelli has chosen the medium, soft and (for the first time) supersoft tyres at Monza: the fourth consecutive race where this selection is being used. In terms of atmosphere, the Parco Reale di Monza remains unique: a historic venue used continuously for Formula 1 since 1950 (with only one exception) that inspires not just the fans, but also the drivers.



  • While average speeds are high, cornering speeds are reasonably low, minimising tyre wear.
  • This means that some teams could aim for a one-stop strategy.
  • Heavy longitudinal forces act on tyres, especially under braking and traction in the two chicanes.
  • The drivers tend to hit the famous kerbs at Monza hard, which further tests the tyre structure.
  • Parabolica and Curva Grande are particularly challenging, as they are long corners putting plenty of energy through the tyres.
  • Low downforce means braking and acceleration is tricky: drivers must try to avoid wheelspin.


  • White medium: a mandatory set that will be important for the race if using a one-stop strategy.
  • Yellow soft: again a mandatory set, could come into play for a two-stop strategy in particular.
  • Red supersoft: mandatory in qualifying; most of the top 10 are very likely to start on this tyre.
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  • Lewis Hamilton dominated the weekend with a grand slam. He used a one-stop strategy, starting on soft and changing to medium on lap 26 (of 53). The entire top 10 stopped just once.
  • Best alternative strategy: Daniel Ricciardo was the highest-placed driver to start on the medium tyre and then change to soft, going from 19th on the grid to eighth at the finish.


“With Monza coming straight after Spa, that’s two epic circuits in the space of just over one week, but for any organisation in Formula 1, your home race is always the most special of the year. It’s going to be a busy weekend for us as a result, and with the supersoft coming to Monza for the first time, we might also see some record top speeds in qualifying especially. Last year we saw the majority of competitors opt for a one-stop strategy, but the arrival of the supersoft could make multi-stop options more attractive this time.”


  • There are no changes to Monza this year, but major changes are planned for 2017 with a new first corner bypassing the Curva Grande. So this will be the last race on the ‘classic’ layout.
  • After Monza, Pirelli’s 2017 tyre test campaign using mule cars will resume with Ferrari at Barcelona (September 6-7) and Mercedes at Paul Ricard (September 6-8).
  • As was the case in Belgium, Pirelli will supply some prototype tyres (without coloured markings) for Friday’s free practice sessions only. These are designed to better resist multiple impacts or damage from foreign bodies.
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  • Six sets of Formula 1 team mates have chosen different tyre allocations for Monza
  • Exclusive Pirelli P Zero tyres will be seen on the new Lamborghini Centenario, set to be unveiled at Salon Privé in the United Kingdom during the same weekend as Monza.



Purple Red Yellow White Orange
Australia Supersoft Soft Medium
Bahrain Supersoft Soft Medium
China Supersoft Soft Medium
Russia Supersoft Soft Medium
Spain Soft Medium Hard
Monaco Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Canada Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Azerbaijan Supersoft Soft Medium
Austria Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Great Britain Soft Medium Hard
Hungary Supersoft Soft Medium
Germany Supersoft Soft Medium
Belgium Supersoft Soft Medium
Italy Supersoft Soft Medium
Singapore Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft
Malaysia Soft Medium Hard
Japan Soft Medium Hard
United States
Supersoft Soft Medium
Mexico Supersoft Soft Medium
Brazil Soft Medium Hard
Abu Dhabi Ultrasoft Supersoft Soft


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