For us it has always been Playstation, and only Playstation.

We had the first ever Xbox back in 2002, and then we agreed that we would never ever by Xbox again! Now we have bought us a new one, the Xbox One which we expect to be a very different experience from the first one we had back in 2002 🙂

Forza 6 and Project CARS is the reason for this change in mind at the Johnsen family.



We are really looking forward to test this out the coming weeks 🙂

Our incredibly-taletend World of Mass Development member JonZ has created a jaw-dropping Project CARS video trailer that will knock you off your chair!

Titled “Louder Than Words”, the six-minute video is a must watch for all Project CARS lovers and those who (for some reason..) still need to be convinced!

Project CARS has taken the gaming world(and us 😉 by storm!



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