Time for a new car for the family.

We have bought a Volvo

I have never wanted to buy a Volvo, that was before Volvo launched the new Volvo V40.

And now, when it was time for us to start to plan for a new car for the family, the Volvo V40 became a clear candidate.

We have had a Ford Focus 2005 mod, 1.6 L petrol the last tree years, and we was planning to change it into a newer Focus. It could even be a DIESEL! ?

But 2014 have been an enlightening hatchback year for me, there are so many options now. You have the Ford Focus, Lexus CT 200 H, Subaru Impreza, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Mazda 3, Mercedes-Benz A Class, Honda Civic, BMW 1, Chevrolet and VAG is also represented in this segment, but I don`t like non of them. And many more.

For me it was important to try to keep the feeling of having a drivers car. The 1.6l in my Focus was not very powerful (99bhp), but if the road was twisty and you planned your driving well you could have a lot of fun with it. It was forgiving, and it warned you before it went all bad. It gave you the perfect feedback for what was going on, and it was a nice car to use to teach my daughter how to drive out of the city, “country driving”. So therefor I wanted to read all the tests, look at all videos etc in order for us to pick the “right” car for us. It had to have some of the “Focus feeling”.

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At the end I was looking at the Mercedes-Benz A Class and the Volvo V40, the Focus had a bit to “Space ship looking” interior compared to the other ones. And all the tests and videos proved that the Volvo (build on the Focus) had what I was looking for. The A Class was also a hot candidate, but not exactly what we wanted,  it also has the dashboard screen that looks something they had forgotten to bring into the design and changed the design just before production in order to fit it in. There is also some hard critics against the A Class with the AMG package.

“And after a while I found it, it is not equipped with all that I could wish for, but if it had, I could not afford it anyway”


The new family member is a 1.6 L DIESEL, wow who would have guessed that ?

It is a Black Safir Metallic Volvo V40 2014 1.6 R Design

Volvo V40 2014 R Design

V40 still number one in Euro NCAP
The V40 is also the overall record holder in the Euro NCAP programme. The protection for adults was the best result ever recorded in a test, no less than 98 per cent – and the V40 scored an all-time high in the pedestrian evaluation.
“Viewed together, all the recent top ratings in the world emphasise our world-leading position in automotive safety. By continuously introducing new preventive and protective systems, we keep moving towards our aim that by 2020 no one should be injured or killed in a new Volvo. Our long-term vision is that cars should not crash,” says Thomas Broberg.


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