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BMW Active Hybrid e-bike

It might just look like a regular old commuter bike with an unusually robust body, but BMW Lifestyle writing the next chapter in the success story of the BMW Bikes Collection and demonstrates once again how innovative technology and sophisticated design can come together into an aesthetically pleasing overall concept.

It might just look like a regular old commuter bike with an unusually robust body, but BMW Lifestyle writing the next chapter in the success story of the BMW Bikes Collection and demonstrates once again how innovative technology and sophisticated design can come together into an aesthetically pleasing overall concept.

The BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is equipped with a comprehensively revised drive concept, which makes its presence felt in the form of a significant power boost. The advanced Brose electric motor can be activated as required to supplement the rider’s pedal power. Producing output of 250 W and 90 Nm (66 lb-ft) of torque, the motor injects extra dynamism and serves up the agility for which BMW is renowned. Providing the energy for the electric pedal assistance – over a range of up to 100 km (62 miles) – is a removable 504 Wh battery. The rider can adjust the degree of pedal assistance with ease via the new display; four different power modes (from ECO (+50%) to TURBO (+275%)) can be selected up to a maximum 25 km/h (16 mph). Plus, the micro USB socket and Bluetooth function allow customers to hook their smartphone up to the bike.


The LED light integrated into the aluminium mudguard over the rear wheel maximises safety and adds a further design flourish.



Saddling up securely with the eZone.

E-bikes not only deliver an inimitable riding experience, they also place very specific demands on their saddles. Which is why saddle maker Selle Royale commissioned BMW Group subsidiary Designworks to develop the first-ever saddle tailored specifically to the requirements of e-bikers. The innovative form of the “eZone” (on sale since September) is based on a zonal concept fine-tuned to the particular attributes of e-bikes and the need profiles of their riders. A short nose, a rising seat surface at the rear and moving side wings create a stable seating position and improve balance when pushing off and braking. And they also ensure safety in typical e-bike acceleration situations. The eZone likewise convinces with an increase in comfort courtesy of three-zone padding featuring 3D Skingel and Royal Gel. Meanwhile, the fibreglass handle integrated into the underside of the saddle makes the bike easier to move around; e-bikes are often heavier than classic bicycles on account of their drive module.


The BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is now available from selected BMW dealers. All other models in the BMW bicycle range and related equipment can be purchased online at http://shop.bmw.com/.

Manufacturer’s recommended retail price:

BMW Active Hybrid e-bike: EUR 3,400.00

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BMW HoloActive Touch

The BMW Group at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

From - BMW Press Club:



The BMW Group will provide another glimpse into the interior of the future at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas with a selection of trailblazing concepts and revolutionary technology.



The BMW Group will provide another glimpse into the interior of the future at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas with a selection of trailblazing concepts and revolutionary technology. The BMW HoloActive Touch system, for example, will be making its debut at the show. This innovative interface between the driver and vehicle acts like a virtual touchscreen; its free-floating display is operated using finger gestures and confirms the commands with what the driver perceives as tactile feedback. BMW HoloActive Touch is part of the BMW i Inside Future study, which gives visitors to the CES, taking place on 5 – 8 January 2017, an impression of the mobility experience set to be offered by seamlessly connected and autonomously-driving cars in the future.

BMW HoloActive Touch brings together the advantages of the BMW Head-Up Display, BMW gesture control and direct touchscreen operation, and adds extra features to create a unique form of user interface. For the first time, the functions can be controlled without any physical contact with materials, but the technology still enables the visible and tangible driver-vehicle interaction familiar from conventional touchscreens. BMW HoloActive Touch also allows the user to access the wide variety of services provided by BMW Connected. The seamless integration of the personal digital mobility companion is highlighted even more vividly by the extremely intuitive interaction.

BMW has developed a track record for presenting pioneering advances in the field of display and operating concepts at previous editions of the CES. The BMW gesture control technology unveiled at the show in 2015 is now available in both the new BMW 7 Series and new BMW 5 Series models. And the AirTouch system showcased at CES 2016 took things a step further; here, the user employs simple gestures made with an open hand to activate control pads on a large panoramic display in the dashboard without having to touch the control interface.

BMW HoloActive Touch takes operating these functions and interacting with the vehicle to another level. Similarly to the Head-Up Display, the image of a full-colour display is generated by clever use of reflections – but now in free-floating form within the interior rather than through projection onto the windscreen. It displays flexibly configurable control pads and is visible to the driver next to the steering wheel at the height of the centre console. A camera detects the driver’s hand movements within this ergonomically user-friendly area, and registers the position of their fingertips, in particular. As soon as a fingertip makes contact with one of these virtual control surfaces, a pulse is emitted and the relevant function is activated.

Fusion x64 TIFF File

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New computer in the house

Moving from Apple to Windows

After many years with Mac this is my first day at home with a proper PC laptop. I have used PC at work for as long as I can remember, but private I shifted over to Mac 8-10 years ago. (Mac Mini and 2 x Macbook Pro 2011/2015)
For me PC at work is just that, it os old computers and old software that I wold not recommend to anybody.
But as a private person I think that the PC`s and the Microsoft software has changed a lot lately.
I know that there is a lot of people with different opinions out there, but I write this as I see it from my use and knowledge.  (or lack of this)

What I was mostly concerned to “lose” when I was leaving Mac was the track pad feeling/quality that I have been so used to on my Macbook Pro. My latest Macbook Pro is an early 2015 with the (for me) fantastic non-mechanical Force Touch trackpad. I really love the feeling this trackpad gives me.

My second concern was Lightroom, how will this work on a PC when I have only used it on my Mac for so many years?
The third concern was myself, will I be able to let the Mac go, or am I a “to big fan-boy”? I received this computer on Tuesday, and have spent two days to transfer data and to set it up in the way I want it, now I`m finally ready to start to use it as my daily driver 🙂
I already have some experience with Windows 10 as long as I have the Surface Pro 4 that I bought this summer, this has been my travel mate the last 6 months. It is good for travel and as an extra device, but for me the Surface Pro 4 can not replace every day laptop.
As long as the new Surface Book is still not available here in Norway, and that the price will be so high that I would have to wait until next summer, and that I in fact already have the Surface Pro 4 with the pen and all, my choice was between the Dell XPS 13 or the HP Spectre x360 late 2016.
Not an easy choice to start with, but after several reviews and all the videos that you can find on YouTube my choice was the …
drumbeat, although the image is there
HP Spectre x360 Late 2016 😉


The HP Spectre x360 is great, it is actually more than what I expected, and beyond what I even dared to hope for. Let`s say that I`m more than happy with my choice!

The track pad that I can see have received several not to good reviews is just fantastic, I really like it, and I do not miss the Macbook Pro track pad at all.
The keyboard is a dream, and the battery time is great.
Regarding the Lightroom, the screen here is “only” FHD so there is a difference, though this might be something that I have forgotten about in a weeks time.
This screen is more than good enough for everything else. Using LR is still the same as it was on my Mac, just slightly different, no problems what so ever.
If there is one thing I can put my finger on after just some hours of use it will be the swiping to go forward or back in the browser, I can not figure out if this is something I can activate, or if it even is available on this computer? This gesture is working perfectly on my Surface Pro 4.
Everything is working exactly the way I want after I joined the Microsoft Developer Program, recommended 🙂

I wish you all a great day and a fantastic New Year weekend 🙂


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS: The USB that is attached on the photo is my 128GB Samsung memory used for LR until I receive my new Thunderbolt 3 external HD.


Data: HP Spectre x360 13,3″ FHD touch, Core i5-7200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, Windows 10 Home.

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Droner og selvkjørende rullestoler

Droner som ledsager selvkjørende biler og et system som leverer drikkevann i bilen. Ingen andre bilprodusenter har levert like mange patenter som Fords ansatte i år.

Hele 1500 patenter er levert inn til amerikanske patent myndigheter i 2016. Det er en økning på hele 25% sammenlignet med fjoråret. Det er mer enn hos noen andre bilprodusenter.

– Våre ansatte leverer spennende, nye teknologier for kundene våre på et rekordhøyt nivå. Som et bil- og mobilitet selskap er det nå veldig mye som skjer, og våre ansatte leverer som aldri før på teknologi som skal hjelpe kunden til på smartest mulig måte komme seg fra et sted til et annet, sier konserndirektør for produktutvikling i Ford Motor Company, Raj Nair.

Rekordmange patentsøknader globalt

Et eksempel er et system som sender opp en drone fra en selvkjørende bil for å kartlegge områder bilen ikke får med seg. Fra kjøretøyet kan passasjeren styre dronen og få oversikt over hva som skjer langt foran kjøretøyet, om det er kø eller en ulykke.

Fords ansatte har sendt inn flere patentsøknader enn noen gang tidligere i selskapets 113-årige historie. Hele 8000 nye oppfinnelser er sendt inn fra Ford-ansatte over hele verden i løpet av 2016. Det er 40% flere enn i 2015.

Ford har også fått patent på hele 1700 oppfinnelser i andre land enn USA bare i år.

Selvkjørende rullestol og vannkran i bilen

Ford eChair er en annen nyvinning som skal gjøre livet enklere for rullestolbrukere. Når rullestolbrukeren har kommet seg ut av rullestolen og inn i bilen, kjører rullestolen av seg selv inn i bilens bagasjerom. Her kan den også kalles opp og ut igjen når rullestolbrukeren skal ut av bilen og ned i rullestolen.

Tidligere i år introduserte Ford Carr-E. Dette er en flerbruks elektrisk løsning både for person- og varetransport. Den er utviklet av Fords ingeniører i Tyskland, og kan blant annet brukes til å frakte pakker eller andre tunge gjenstander.


– Kundene tjener på at vi er åpne for nye ideer

For ytterligere å få opp innovasjonsgløden i Ford er det i samarbeid med TechShop lagt et enormt anlegg i Allen Park Michigan hvor hobbyoppfinnere og ingeniører kan møtes, bygge prototyper og utvikle nye oppfinnelser. Anlegget er fullt utstyrt med alt som skal til for å bidra til en best mulig ideutviklingsprosess.

Ford lanserte dessuten nylig et opplegg i Nanjing i Kina. Her får de ansatte tilgang på avanserte 3D-printere og annet avansert utstyr for å utvikle nye teknologier for bil og andre mobilitetsløsninger.

-Til syvende og sist vil kundene våre tjene på at vi er åpne for nye ideer og avansert mobilitet ved hjelp av ny teknologi, sier Fords sjef for virtuelle førersystemer, Tony Lockwood.


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High-Power Charging Along Major Highways in Europe

Joint Venture to deploy a high-powered DC charging network for battery electric vehicles (BEV) covering long-distance travel routes in Europe.

BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen Group with Audi & Porsche Plan a Joint Venture for Ultra-Fast, High-Power Charging Along Major Highways in Europe.


Joint Venture to deploy a high-powered DC charging network for battery electric vehicles (BEV) covering long-distance travel routes in Europe


Power levels up to 350 kW significantly reduce charging time compared to available systems


Build-up of about 400 ultra-fast charging sites planned in Europe


Network is based on the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard which uses a connector that is fully compatible with most current and next generations BEVs

BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create the highest-powered charging network in Europe. The goal is the quick build-up of a sizable number of stations in order to enable long-range travel for battery electric vehicle drivers. This will be an important step towards facilitating mass-market BEV adoption.

The projected ultra-fast high-powered charging network with power levels up to 350 kW will be significantly faster than the most powerful charging system deployed today. The build-up is planned to start in 2017. An initial target of about 400 sites in Europe is planned. By 2020 the customers should have access to thousands of high-powered charging points. The goal is to enable long-distance travel through open-network charging stations along highways and major thoroughfares, which has not been feasible for most BEV drivers to date. The charging experience is expected to evolve to be as convenient as refueling at conventional gas stations.

The network will be based on Combined Charging System (CCS) standard technology. The planned charging infrastructure expands the existing technical standard for AC- and DC charging of electric vehicles to the next level of capacity for DC fast charging with up to 350 kW. BEVs that are engineered to accept this full power of the charge stations can recharge brand-independently in a fraction of the time of today’s BEVs. The network is intended to serve all CCS equipped vehicles to facilitate the BEV adoption in Europe.

BMW Group

“This high-power charging network provides motorists with another strong argument to move towards electric mobility,” says Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “The BMW Group has initiated numerous public charging infrastructure projects over the last years. The joint project is another major milestone clearly demonstrating that competitors are combining forces to ramp-up e-mobility.”

Daimler AG

“The breakthrough of e-mobility requires two things: convincing vehicles and a comprehensive charging infrastructure. With our new brand EQ, we are launching our electric product offensive: by 2025, our portfolio will include more than ten fully electric passenger cars. Together with our partners, we are now installing the highest-powered charging infrastructure in Europe,” says Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. “The availability of high-power stations allows long-distance e-mobility for the first time and will convince more and more customers to opt for an electric vehicle.”

Ford Motor Company

“A reliable, ultra-fast charging infrastructure is important for mass consumer adoption and has the potential to transform the possibilities for electric driving,” says Mark Fields, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company. “Ford is committed to developing vehicles and technologies that make people’s lives better, and this charging network will make it easier and more practical for customers across Europe to own electrified vehicles.”



“We intend to create a network that allows our customers on long-distance trips to use a coffee break for recharging,” says Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG. “Reliable fast charging services are a key factor for drivers to choose an electric vehicle. With this cooperation we want to boost a broader market adoption of e-mobility and speed up the shift towards emission-free driving.”


Porsche AG

“There are two decisive aspects for us: ultra-fast charging and placing the charging stations at the right positions,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. “Together, these two factors enable us to travel in an all-electrically powered car as in a conventional combustion engine vehicle. As automobile manufacturer, we actively shape our future, not only by developing all-electrically powered vehicles but by building up the necessary infrastructure as well.”

Photo from BMW
BMW Digital Charging Service optimises charging and integrates electric vehicles into the energy market.

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Navdy Reinvents the Driving Experience

Easy for anyone to set up and get rolling without tools in around 15 minutes.


Navdy incorporates popular Head-Up Display (HUD) technology, primarily offered as a pricey upgrade package in luxury cars, with a groundbreaking UI, and specially developed software, delivering a far richer driving experience at an accessible price. And since Navdy is portable, consumers can enjoy the Navdy experience in whatever car they currently drive.


Navdy’s features include:

  • Look Forward© Display: rich, full color, fully transparent display with unmatched clarity in any light that projects information into the distance so the road stays in focus. The most advanced display on the road.
  • Intuitive Interface: Navdy Hand Gestures are the most natural way to accept a call or message with the simple wave of your hand. The Navdy Dial is the most intuitive way to scroll, zoom and navigate menus fluidly. The Dial also serves as a convenient way to access Siri® and Google Now®. Never again will you have to hunt through rows of buttons or look down to poke at a touch screen while driving.
  • Never Miss a Turn: Navdy’s Projected Navigation© system is powered by Google Maps® — with maps and directions appearing right in front of you, you’ll never miss a turn again. Only Navdy offers full dynamic maps as a transparent image without obstructing your view of the road. It’s as easy as following the car in front of you and uniquely immersive. With its own high precision GPS chip and local storage of maps, drivers don’t have to worry about losing navigation if they are out of network coverage.
  • Stay Connected: Navdy lets you make and receive calls, listen to messages, control music, receive calendar reminders and stay connected to the apps on your phone. Navdy also connects to your car with Navdy Dash to show your speed, RPM and automatically recommend nearby gas stations when your fuel level is low.
  • Portable and Storable: works in any car with Navdy’s magnetic mounting system making it effortless to take it with you or store it in the glove box.
  • Easy Setup: easy for anyone to set up and get rolling without tools in around 15 minutes.
  • Thoughtful Design: crafted from premium materials that blend in seamlessly with your car, adding a touch of sophistication.


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Here the other day Sauber F1 Team informed me about a brand new app.

YAY! There’s a brand new app for all you PETROL HEADS out there!

Just to be clear, Sauber F1 Team is the most interactive team in Formula 1 as far as I know, and they are great 🙂

Please head over to Google Plus and follow them, and I also recommend you to take a look at the Official Sauber F1 Team Fan Community on G+.


OK, the brand new app.

Sauber F1 Team informed me about an app that I have not heard about before, the app is the Formulr, Enter the world of motorsport !

The app already looks very promising, for sure it looks like it it`s very fresh, but the potential is there. And as long as so many teams already has shown their interest already, this can turn out be fabulous app.

Take it for a test drive, and please add Sauber F1 Team and Johnny Johnsen 😉


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How does Formula E avoid major overheating during a race?

“To overcome the heat, the pack will need to be actively cooled. Battery pack cooling is a challenging part of the electric race car design.”

“One of Williams Advanced Engineering projects is the design and manufacture of the batteries for the FIA Formula E Championship.”


Doug Campling, Williams Advanced Engineering’s motorsport to FormulaE.com :

“Williams Advanced Engineering is the technology and engineering services business of the Williams Group. “

“There were a couple of directions we could go with more liquid cooling or more air cooling. Obviously each driver has two cars, but we needed to consider the scenario whereby if you had an issue with one car – a repairable issue – you might need to use one car and then use it again straight away. To charge the battery in 45 minutes or an hour and simultaneously cool the battery down, ready to be used again meant that we had to have a pretty effective post-conditioning system. Liquid cooling provided the best solution”





In the end, Williams Advanced Engineering believes that racing improves the breed and we should expect higher energy density batteries thanks to Formula E. However, since the series is limited toSpark-Renault SRT_01E cars for two seasons, we don’t expect to see progress until late 2016 when the third season begins with different cars from teams.


From Amlin-Aguri.com :

Formula E Zone – ‏@FormulaEZone

How hard is it to make sure that the Lithium battery does not suffer from major overheating during a race? #AskAmlinAguri
The Williams battery is very well protected against over heating in the race. We have not had a problem yet, nor have we come close to having a problem with the batteries in this respect. We have a large radiator in the right hand side-pod on the car specifically designed to keep the battery safely within it’s operating range at all times during the race.

One safety feature is that the car will automatically be de-rated on power if the battery exceeds a specified temperature limit.



Some more information from Williams Advanced Engineering in PDF:



OKAN TUR, Chief Technical Specialist on Hybrid Systems

JAMES FRANCIS, Corporate Communications Manager Williams Advanced Engineering

And then some Tesla.

Will Tesla need a solution with bigger cooling pumps,radiator fans and radiator in the future?

It is actually a family car, and not a racing car or what?


After what I understand the RWD have three cooling pumps and 4WD have five.






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Forza 6 and Project CARS on Xbox

We have been shopping this weekend.

For us it has always been Playstation, and only Playstation.

We had the first ever Xbox back in 2002, and then we agreed that we would never ever by Xbox again! Now we have bought us a new one, the Xbox One which we expect to be a very different experience from the first one we had back in 2002 🙂

Forza 6 and Project CARS is the reason for this change in mind at the Johnsen family.



We are really looking forward to test this out the coming weeks 🙂

Our incredibly-taletend World of Mass Development member JonZ has created a jaw-dropping Project CARS video trailer that will knock you off your chair!

Titled “Louder Than Words”, the six-minute video is a must watch for all Project CARS lovers and those who (for some reason..) still need to be convinced!

Project CARS has taken the gaming world(and us 😉 by storm!



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Interactive Cockpit video from Sauber F1 Team

Sauber F1 Team


Click buttons to navigate channel.

Sauber F1 Team



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