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Welcome home, Goliat!

Velkommen hjem til Hammerfest Goliat.

Published on 18 Apr 2015

In the wake of Goliat, new opportunities evolve in the worlds northernmost town. Hammerfest is the home of Goliat, where both Eni and Statoil are located with offices and Hammerfest LNG. Pioneer projects in Hammerfest has become a regular thing over the years. With the natural gateway to the barents sea from Port Hammerfest, the town has become the most important base for the oil and gas industry. Welcome home, Goliat, you are where you belong. Home in Hammerfest!

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A bit “private” today

Just wanted to share this with you for no particular reason.

A bit “private” today 🙂

Where do I work?
Who is my employer?

I work for an Italian company, I work for ENI Saipem S.pA

I think many of you will recognize the ENI part of the name from racing, and in particular Moto GP or other motorcycle racing. For us up in the cold Norway neither ENI or Saipem is very known names.

ENI has been more in the focus lately, thanks to the oil platform named Goliat that has just arrived in Hammerfest. But Saipem is not so much known, Saipem has for the moment two oil rigs operating in Norway. Scarabeo 5 and Scarabeo 8.

I work on shore at the office in Sola when I`m not traveling around in order to follow up repair and re-class job`s.

The reason I wanted to post this is the video below.

It is a bit of topic, I know, but more and more often I post something about other things than F1. Not much, but some. And as long as this blog is far from hyper active it think it work just fine. Please feel free to comment if you want to.

Here is Saipem in numbers:


Saipem 7000 in Mekjarvik, Norway.

Saipem 7000 from JohnnyJohnsen on Vimeo.

Denne videoen handler om Saipem 7000


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A visit to the Brage platform in Norway

High-tech, teamwork, impressive insights – all that and more in our new film about the Brage platform in the North Sea.

Published on 21 Oct 2014

A Cinematic journey of discovery: A visit to the Brage platform in Norway. Wintershall assumed the operatorship of a producing field in Norway for the first time in October 2013 when it took over the Brage platform. To mark the first anniversary, a film crew visited the platform in the Norwegian North Sea in order to get an exclusive look behind the scenes. Let the film take you on an exciting journey of discovery and get to know a team that jointly pursues a specific goal: namely unlocking the full potential of the Brage field.

Learn more about Brage here: http://bit.ly/1yU1XAU

Wintershall Holding GmbH, based in Kassel, Germany, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF in Ludwigshafen. The company has been active in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas for over 80 years. Wintershall focuses on selected core regions, where the company has built up a high level of regional and technological expertise. These are Europe, North Africa, South America, as well as Russia and the Caspian Sea region. In addition, these operations are complemented by the company’s growing exploration activities in the Arabian Gulf. Today, the company employs more than 2,000 staff worldwide from 40 nations and is now Germany’s largest crude oil and natural gas producer.


From Wikipedia:

Brage (Norwegian: Bragefeltet) is an offshore oil field in the North Sea located 120 km (75 mi) northwest of the city of Bergen on the western coast of Norway and 13 km (8.1 mi) east of Oseberg Field Center. The field also contains gas. The water depth at the location is 140 metres (460 ft). The field was developed with a fixed integrated production, drilling and accommodation facility The oil from the field is pumped through a pipeline to Oseberg A facility from where it is transported to Sture terminal via Oseberg Transport System. The gas from the field is exported through Statpipe system to Kårstø. It is estimated that Brage may hold up to 20,000,000 barrels (3,200,000 m3) to 25,000,000 barrels (4,000,000 m3) of recoverable oil.


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Saipem 7000

Semi-submersible crane and pipelaying (J-lay) DP vessel.


Semi-submersible crane and pipelaying (J-lay) DP vessel


Lloyds Register and R.I.Na.
Compliance: NMD, HSE, USCG rules


Length: 198 m
Breadth: 87 m
Depth to main deck: 45 m
Transit draft: 10.5 m
Operational draft: 27.5 m


Dynamic positioning:
DP (AAA) Lloyds Register; IPD 3 R.I.Na.; Class 3 Norwegian Maritime Directorate notations; fully redundant.


Mooring system:
14 x 1,350 kW single drum winches, each 3,350 m x 3¾” mooring line and 40 t anchors.


Propulsion and thrusters:
4 x 4,500 kW propulsion azimuthing units, fixed pitch
2 x 5,500 kW retractable azimuthing units, fixed pitch
4 x 3,000 kW retractable azimuthing units, fixed pitch
2 x 2,500 kW bow tunnel units, fixed pitch


Power plant:
Total power plant: 70,000 kW, 10,000 Volt;
12 diesel generators on heavy fuels divided
in 4 fire segregated engine rooms; classified UMS


Ballast system:
Computer controlled system with simulation capabilities comprising 4 x 6,000 t/h ballast pumps, fully redundant.

Lifting facilities main crane:

2 twin S 7000 model fully revolving bow mounted Amhoist
cranes. Main blocks tandem lift: 14,000 t
Main block single lift: 7,000 t revolving at 40 m rad./41 m tieback
6,000 t revolving at 45 m rad./50 m tieback
Aux. 1 block: 2,500 t revolving at 74 m rad.
Aux. 2 block: 900 t revolving at 115 m rad.
Lowering capability to 450 m below sea level
Whip hook: 120 t revolving at 150 m rad.


Pile driving/handling equipment availability:
2 Menck MHU 3000 hydraulic hammers.
2 Menck MHU 1700 hydraulic hammers.
2 Menck MHU 1000 hydraulic hammers.
2 Menck MHU 600 hydraulic hammers.
1 Menck MHU 220 hydraulic hammer.
1 Menck MHU 195 hydraulic hammer.
2 underwater power packs.
1 hydraulic hammer compensator.


Slim and free riding mode capability. Full spread of internal/external elevators ranging from 20″ to 102″ i./o. dia.
2 levelling systems range 66″ – 72″ dia. – 900 t capacity.


J-lay system:
Pipe diameter range from 4″ to 32″

Main laying tension system: 525 t with tensioners,
up to 2,000 t with friction clamps;
Laying tower angle: 90º – 110º

Abandonment/Recovery system double capstan winch
with 550 t capacity (up to 2,000 t with clamps)

Number of welding stations: 1
Number of NDT and field joint stations: 1

Pipe string quadruple joint
Pipe storage capacity up to 6,000 t


Crew facilities:
405 fully AC single or double cabins up to 725 persons.


Suitable for two BV234 LR Chinook helicopters (one parked).

Classified helicopter refueling system.



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