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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No. 10 – Saltdal, “On the way to Nordkapp”

The municipality of Saltdal was established on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). In 1949, a small area of Skjerstad (population: 10) was transferred to Saltdal. Other than that one change, the borders have never changed.

Testing the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 again, this time in the tunnel

The 8.9-kilometer (5.5 mi) long Karmøy Tunnel.

First proper test of the VIRB in the car

Preparing for the 2017 vacation on the road in Norway.

No. 8 Atlanterhavsvegen from the road trip with my daughter – “On the way...

The road looks more spectacular in bad weather, on this sunny day it was just ok.

No. 11 – Lofoten, Moskenes – Norway

No. 11 Lofoten, Moskenes - Road trip with my daughter on the way to Nordkapp

No. 12 Lofoten, Sandsletta – On the way to Nordkapp

"On our way to Nordkapp" The video quality will improve on our 2017 road trip :-) #NewCamera

No. 13 Lofoten – Road trip with my daughter, the way to Nordkapp

This is video number 13 of 14 from our road trip back in 2015. Soon the ones from 2017 will be ready, hopefully they will have a higher quality.

A bit late to inform, but here it is – We are going on...

Family Road Trip 2017 #Holidays

No. 14 Tromsø – Road trip with my daughter, arriving Tromsø

The last one from 2015 - No. 14 #Tromsø #Nordkapp #2015 #Norgesferie #NorgePåLangs #NorwayLengthwise #Norway #Travel #RoadTrip #MeAndMyVolvo

Driving from Moskenes to Å in Lofoten, Norway

From our family road trip 2017, 6270 km in 13 days.

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