A bit “private” today 🙂

Where do I work?
Who is my employer?

I work for an Italian company, I work for ENI Saipem S.pA

I think many of you will recognize the ENI part of the name from racing, and in particular Moto GP or other motorcycle racing. For us up in the cold Norway neither ENI or Saipem is very known names.

ENI has been more in the focus lately, thanks to the oil platform named Goliat that has just arrived in Hammerfest. But Saipem is not so much known, Saipem has for the moment two oil rigs operating in Norway. Scarabeo 5 and Scarabeo 8.

I work on shore at the office in Sola when I`m not traveling around in order to follow up repair and re-class job`s.

The reason I wanted to post this is the video below.

It is a bit of topic, I know, but more and more often I post something about other things than F1. Not much, but some. And as long as this blog is far from hyper active it think it work just fine. Please feel free to comment if you want to.

Here is Saipem in numbers:


Saipem 7000 in Mekjarvik, Norway.

Saipem 7000 from JohnnyJohnsen on Vimeo.

Denne videoen handler om Saipem 7000


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